New Millennium Flagship
The flagship model of Kawasaki’s supersport Ninja Series. Intended to be the successor to the King of Speed throne, the Ninja ZX-12R features the first mass-produced aluminium monocoque frame, an advanced technology liquid-cooled DOHC 16-valve In-Line Four engine with a lofty maximum power, an aerodynamically crafted chassis and numerous other unique features.



Rebirth of the Supersport Middleweight Class
Sales of Ninja ZX-6R (636 cm3) and the Ninja ZX-6RR (600 cm3) commence. Designed to be the quickest circuit bikes in their class, these completely redesigned Sixes are the first production bikes to feature radial-mount brake calipers and other components usually found only on race machines. The Ninja ZX-6R was developed with street riders in mind while the ZX-6RR was built for racing.



Circuit Domination
Introduced to the world’s press on the 20th anniversary of the original Ninja (GPz900R), Kawasaki’s new litre-class supersport model is designed for one purpose: total domination on the racetrack. Boasting a sizeable engine output and weighing in at a mere 170 kg, the Ninja ZX-10R has a remarkable power-to-weight ratio. Incredible performance and racer-friendly characteristics make it the winner of supersport shootouts around the world and earn it the title of Master Bike two years in a row.



Faster, Smoother, Quicker
Once again the Ninja ZX-6R (636 cm3) and ZX-6RR (600 cm3) rock the 600 class. A more powerful engine is complemented by elegantly curved bodywork and an under-seat muffler for improved aerodynamics and enhanced high-speed performance. The race-bred chassis is thoroughly refined and delivers superb handling. For 2005 the 6R also gets the slipper clutch used on the race-focused 6RR. These upgrades make these new Ninjas the most potent middleweights on the circuit and on winding roads.



Legend Reborn
Kawasaki fans rejoice at the arrival of the Ninja ZX-14. Featuring Kawasaki’s most powerful engine ever and an all-new aluminium monocoque chassis wrapped in sculpted bodywork both aerodynamic and awe-inspiring, the new flagship is a showcase of the latest technology and Kawasaki craftsmanship. Designed to deliver the ultimate supersport riding experience, the Ninja ZX-14’s superb balance of performance, handling and a virtually palpable presence recalls the legendary machines whose spirit it embodies.



More Race-Winning Potential
For 2006 the Ninja ZX-10R benefits from comprehensive refinements that further enhance its racetrack performance. A new aerodynamic package includes a new fairing and bodywork and twin under-seat mufflers. Designed to help riders trim their lap times, the new 10R features the same awesome power, superior cornering performance and an all-new aerodynamics package. Less obvious upgrades include revised chassis geometry and the fitment of an Öhlins steering damper. All these improvements have one goal in mind: quicker lap times. Amazingly, the new engine meets the stringent Euro 3 standards with no loss of maximum power.



The Ninja Family Gets A New Member
With the debut of Ninja 650R the Ninja family gets a new member. Powered by a responsive Parallel Twin engine mounted in a lightweight chassis and featuring sleek, sophisticated styling, this rider-friendly Ninja appeals to both new riders and veterans alike.



A Fusion of "R" & "RR"
An all-new Ninja ZX-6R (600 cm3) debuts. Two things make this new Six particularly special. The first is that it replaces two models: both the best-selling 636 cm3 Ninja ZX-6R and the limited-edition 599 cm3 Ninja ZX-6RR. The second is that it is new from the cases up – for the first time in 10 years. An ultra-compact yet powerful engine, incredible mass centralisation, a rider-responsive chassis and the cornering prowess of a lightweight small-displacement GP machine make this evolution of the Ninja ZX-6R the closest representation of Kawasaki’s ideal 600cc-class circuit machine to date.



Race-Bred High Performance
How the best get better: A new engine featuring dual injectors feeding oval sub-throttle bodies pumping out more high-rpm horsepower with no loss of low- and mid-range torque. Advanced electronic technology like KIMS (Kawasaki Ignition Management System) for precise power control. And a new frame and ergonomics delivering improved rider feedback. This potent package of race-developed technologies makes the Ninja ZX-10R the winner in the international comparison test “Supertest” two years in a row.



Good Things Do Come in Small Packages
Designed for riders of all levels, the Ninja 250R offers an engine character that can be fully exploited, a compact, easy-to-ride chassis and numerous rider-friendly features – all wrapped in full-fairing supersport styling that would not be out of place on top-class Ninja supersport models. Two versions are released: a carburetted model for N. America (replacing the long-time bestselling entry model of the same name), and a fuel-injected model for Europe. This 250cc class Ninja becomes an instant hit the world over.



Precise Control for Maximum Excitement
An evolution of the 2007 model, the new Ninja ZX-6R takes the track-focused performance of its predecessor to the next level. Reduced weight, chassis fine-tuning and mass centralisation result in a lighter-handling machine. The first production-use of Showa’s BPF (Big Piston Front fork), combined with the already potent triple petal disc brake package and highly effective slipper clutch, offer excellent control and superb composure under hard braking. The updated engine offers a much stronger mid-range and very precise throttle control and feel at all rpm. Revised ergonomics complement the precise control offered by chassis and engine by providing a natural rider interface with a high level of feedback, inducing a high level of confidence that allows riders to go faster and enjoy themselves when pushing hard.



Sportier Looks & Performance
Comprehensive upgrades to engine and chassis make this middleweight Ninja even more fun and easier to ride. Designed for sporty street riding, the bike’s aggressive styling is just like that of the pure supersport Ninjas.